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Grass Valley Job Fair

The 4th semi-annual Job Fair and job development forum is under way from noon until 5 pm this afternoon at the Grass Valley Veterans Memorial building. More than 25 companies are gathered with local and state political figures such as Senator Doug LaMalfa and Assemblyman Dan Logue as well as Grass Valley Mayor Dan Miller and Ron Moser president of the Nevada County Economic resource council just to name a few. BCI events a division of Biotechnology calendar incorporated, markets the fair for the employed, unemployed, underemployed a student or semi-retired of our community. April Zeeman with Biotech said job seekers were showing up well before the noon start time.


“We’ve already has some job seekers come in and drop off resumes and they’re going to come back at noon. It’s going to be great!”


Ed Beaudette with Bio Tech tells us who a few of the business are, that are looking for employees today.


“We’ve got everything from ski resort jobs to highly technical jobs. Companies all the way through AJA, Milhous, Pride Industries and KNCO obviously.”


The job fair is under way and will continue until 5 o’clock this afternoon again at the Grass Valley Veterans Memorial building.  For more information go to the web site grassvalleyjobfair.com.

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