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Grass Valley Looks to Annex Bear River Mill Site

The Grass Valley City Council at their  meeting Tuesday  night  is looking to annex 140 acres of the Bear River Mill Site and  to amend the City General Plan on 420 acres south of the city to accommodate future industrial use.  Grass Valley Development Director Tom Last says the changes are in response to the City’s economic climate and long -range planning needs.

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Last says the Council is also looking at changing the  General Plan  land use to be more  conducive to creating jobs.

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Nevada County is also purchasing 20 acres in the Bear River Mill Site Special Development Area for a new corporation yard.  Studies already completed by the city of Grass Valley concluded that it is feasible to extend water and sewer services to the southern parts of the city’s sphere of infuence.   The study also concluded the City should consider a larger planning area to distribute the infrastructure costs.
Also at the City Council meeting tomorrow (Tuesday ) night is approval for Waste Management to transition to an automated trash/recycling collection program.
The same system has been  in use in the County and Nevada City. The change includes the use of new CNG (compressed natural gas) powered vehicles and a machine collection arm to pick up and empty the carts for trash and recycled materials.

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