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Grass Valley Man Arrested on Weapons Charges

The Grass Valley Police took a man into custody after he was found with a loaded gun under his coat. Sergeant Joe Matteonii says Officers stopped a car near the roundabout on Main Street Sunday evening. The Sergeant says of four people in the car two were on search and seizure and when 19 year old Samuel Lerna-Gage was asked if he had any weapons, he would only admit he had a pocket knife. When he was patted down for further weapons a handgun was found.

“The handgun was loaded with ten rounds and he had another magazine with 10 rounds in his pocket.”

A small caliber handgun and two loaded magazines were found on Lerna-Gage. He was taken into custody for suspicion of the possession and concealed weapon. The Sergeant says the bullets in the clips are designed to penetrate Police body armor.

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