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Grass Valley Nevada City Police Drop out of Narcotics Task Force

Assets seized during drug raids performed by the Nevada County Narcotics Task Force will now mostly be going to the County Sheriff’s office budget. Those monies used to be shared, but Both the Grass Valley and the Nevada City Police Department made the decision to pull their officer from the Narcotics Task Force due to budget issues. The county collected about $45 thousand dollars in seized assets in 2009 the latest records available. Sheriff Keith Royal says the Task force has been successful in reducing clandestine crime labs, marijuana gardens and taking major drug offenders off the streets, and will continue in that effort.

“The task force, which is principally made up of the Sheriff’s office representatives and with the assistance of the District Attorney’s office and probation, we will continue to enforce and investigate crimes relative to drug activity in the unincorporated area of the county as well as the cities. So we will continue to do that.”

The Grass Valley officer came out of the task force effective May 31st and the Nevada City officer came out of the task force effective June 30th.

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