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Grass valley Oil Spill Slows Traffic

An oil spill slowed traffic on East Main Street in Grass Valley yesterday afternoon. Fire Crews from Grass Valley station 2 and the Grass Valley Police Department were at the scene of the oil spill shortly after 2 pm that stretched from Brentwood through the busy Dorsey Drive intersection, toward Brunswick road. Sgt Steve Johnson with the Grass Valley Police Department said cars were unable to make it up the incline through the intersection, spinning their wheels in the oil.

“It’s motor oil from a vehicle but because there’s so much of it that it’s hard to see. At this point, we’re waiting for public works to come out and bring enough absorbent to absorb the oil. So right now we have officers out here spreading the absorbent and sweeping it up so we can take care of the problem.”

Public works joined in the clean up adding additional absorbent and sweeping up the oily mess until after 3:30 yesterday afternoon.

Sgt. Johnson added that the oil spill trail dried up before leading to a possible origin and there was no debris such a lid from a container that could   offer clues as to who spilled the oil.

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