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Grass Valley Police Department Captain Retires

The Grass Valley City Council, Tuesday night, accepted the early retirement of Grass Valley Police Captain David Remillard, saving the Captain position of Rex Marks who was due to leave the department on the 20th of January in a cost cutting move by the city. Captain Marks will be celebrating 25 years in law enforcement this week and is grateful to Captain Remillard decision to retire 2 years early so that he may continue to serve the city of Grass Valley.

“He’s just the kind of guy to give you the shirt off his back. It’s an opportunity for him and I am appreciative that he was willing to do that.”

Captain Marks says that because the department was anticipating the loss of a captain position and was already making changes to compensate for the loss, a plan is already in place to stretch the department’s limited resources.

“Obviously we have a reduced staff by over a third, so we’re going to operate very lean. We’re going to have to really buckle down in terms of prioritization of calls of service and the public may see some changes as things go on just because it’s just not feasible for us to do everything anymore. There’s always a cost for everything as well, so we have to measure that out against what our budget is.”

Captain Remillards’ last day of service with the department is scheduled for January 19th. New contract negotiation with the full department begin in late January.

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