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Grass Valley Police Report Series of Random Burglaries

The Grass Valley Police encourage residents in Grass Valley to secure your property following a series of random burglaries in residential areas. During the past weeks, the Police Department has been engaged in a number of investigations involving the theft of property in residential areas. In particular, thefts have occurred from homes where garage doors were left open or vehicle not secured. Police Captain Rex Marks says, to help keep your home from becoming a target for criminal activity, ensure that you secure your garage doors and vehicles when not at home. If you are planning on being gone for an extended period of time, identify a trusted friend or family member who can keep an eye on the property in your absence. In addition, it is recommended that you also have your mail and newspaper services suspended until you return home. Anyone who witnesses or has information involving crime in the city is encouraged to contact the Grass Valley Police Department at 530.477.4600.

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