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Grass Valley Salvation Army Exceeds Expectation

The Grass Valley Salvation Army which serves all of Nevada County has completed their annual bell ringing campaign. Major Don Sheppard told us on the town yesterday they met the goal and exceeded it.

“Well, the goal was $97,000 and that’s just based on the populous of our county. If each person gave a dollar, we have $97,000 people in our county, then it would be $97,000. We reached just over $100,000. We did $100,600 and we’re ecstatic because that’s going to help us not only during the holidays, but all year round.”

The Salvation army wants to thank everyone in the community who helped the bell ringing campaign this year; from Toys for Tots which helped 300 families, the high school groups and private citizens who helped 120 families, the Roamin’ angels adopted 60 and Martha Sheppard says the California Highway Patrol ‘Chips for Kids’ came through for them in the final toy giveaway as the office was able to collect over 700 toys for local children.

“Last year we helped 325 families plus people who came in at the last minute that probably didn’t get recorded, but this year, we thought we were doing great at 475 and so we were kind of excited about that and then on the very last day on Friday, 100 families showed up. Somebody had contacted the schools and told them that we were opening it up for people who hadn’t been able to sign up as of yet and they showed up and had all of their i.d.s and all of their paperwork and I think we signed up about 91 families that day.”

The money raised will be used throughout the year to support the Booth House, the Salvation Army’s transition house for families restarting their lives, as well as the Homeless Prevention Rapid Rehab Program which helps people stay in their homes.

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