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Grass Valley School Board Discusses Reconfiguration


About 200 people showed up for the Grass Valley School District Board meeting Tuesday evening including many of the Occupy Hennessy group who were out in front of that School Monday night in protest after they had heard to school might be changing. Superintendent Eric Fredrickson says he met with them and invited them to the board meeting.

“I had a meeting there the other night and I went out and spoke with some of the parents that were out in front of Hennessy and talked with them about some of their ideas and several of those parents showed up and gave a very fine presentation last night.”

The Superintendant gave an update on the finances and enrollment of the district and then explained a 22 person committee that’s been meeting since last fall to find solutions to the district’s dwindling resources.  So far more than 10 ideas have been recommended but the one that stirred attention was to move the Grass Valley Charter School k-thru-8 students to Hennessy school and move the Hennessy students to Scotten.

“Part of last night’s event was an opportunity for the community to speak to the board and share their ideas. We recorded all that. We’re going to post it on our district website and then they also had a chance to submit a feedback card if they had anything else for us to consider.”

Fredrickson says another special school board meeting is scheduled a week from today (January 18th) when the he will make his recommendations to the board. Then the School Board will take final action January 31st.

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