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Grass Valley School District Victim of Gas Theft

The Grass Valley School District was the latest target of gas thieves. Grass Valley Police have seen an increase in gas thefts locally. According to Sgt. Steve Johnson people are getting desperate.

“There’s definitely an increase in thefts of gas. As gas prices rise and people’s pocketbooks are crunched, the increased desperation causes them to find gas in any way they can.”

The latest attempted gas theft caused major damage to the school districts nutrition services van.  This is the vehicle used to transport lunches to area schools for students.

“It’s just unfortunate because in this case, not only did they steal the gas, but they did some pretty significant damage to the vehicle to get to the gas. They cut several gas lines and broke some expensive gas caps to the point where the van actually had to be towed from the lot, it couldn’t be repaired on site so it’s going to cost the school district considerable money to get this thing up and running again so the kids can have their lunches.”

Sgt Johnson says the school does have another van that will need to make the extra trips to deliver lunches until the damaged van is repaired.

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