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Grass Valley Schools Look at Fewer Dollars with Declining Enrollment

Grass Valley School District Superintendent Eric Fredrickson is inviting all citizens concerned about the future of district schools, including Hennessy, to attend the school board meeting January 10th   He says recent postings on Occupy Hennessy on Facebook do not have the entire story. He says since last fall a 22 person committee has met 7 times to come up with ideas to deal with declining enrollment in tight financial times. He says those ideas have been shared on the school website and in letters to parents, giving them an opportunity to comment.

“Where we are right now, is we have a school board meeting on January 10th and at that meeting I will be doing a presentation of the district goals, the things that are impacting our district and what came out of that district program and facilities committee meeting.”

The superintendent says there will be another meeting one week later where he will be making his recommendation to the board of what they should do to cut costs.

“The goal is, by January 31st, the board making the decision about what the model is going to look like for our district next year.”

Fredrickson says Enrollment in Grass Valley schools has been as high as 2,400 students, this year it is down to 1,300 students not counting the Charter school.

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