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Grass Valley Sewage Spill Update

The results are in from the water tests taken from Wolf creek following a 65 thousand gallon sewage spill at Joyce and Whiting streets from a pump failure. The spill occurred over a 24 hour period starting on Tuesday October 18th, at approximately 11:30 am.  Wesley Nicks, Director of Environmental Health says the report shows that levels are still elevated for microorganisms that may make people or pets sick if exposed to the water so signs will remain posted to not enter the water.

“Levels are still elevated. So it’s likely to be ok now. But I need to confirm that. So I’m going to have them do it again. I kind of expected the one the next day to be considerably lower, but it wasn’t. Possibly because the amount released was considerably higher than I originally assumed.”

Originally the spill was thought to have been contained at 10 thousand gallons but revised estimates put the sewage spill into Wolf Creek at 65 thousand gallons. Until a water test shows the parts per billion for bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms low enough not to be a health threat, the sign will remain posted. Nicks says more samples were collected and results are expected soon.  The cause of the release was repaired and the sewage flow was stopped by 9:00 am (Wednesday) October 19th.

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