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Grass Valley Storm Cleanup and Preparation for More

Flooding and rock slides provided challenges for Grass Valley City residents on Sunday as the heaviest rains fell early in the morning. Grass Valley Department of Public Works Director, Tim Kizer, says the that the sewage plant spill was unfortunate.

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Kizer says the city took proactive measures which helped limit the amount of untreated water that entered Wolf Creek.
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Initial estimates project that almost a half million gallons of untreated water flowed into the creek, but that is not as bad as it sounds.
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Kizer also said that the flooding on East Main street caused damage to some businesses as well as spreading rocks and debris all over the road.”
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Kizer gives a lot of credit to his employees that responded quickly and worked diligently to re-open roads and then continued cleanup Monday and again on Tuesday.
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The break in the weather Monday allowed crews to make good progress as they prepare for more rain which began earlier this morning.

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