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Grass Valley to Hire Parking Ticket Firm

It’s about to become a lot harder to get away with not paying a parking ticket in Grass Valley. City Administrator Dan Holler says they are about to enter into a contract with a company called ‘Data Ticket’ that tracks the unpaid tickets, and notifies the Department of Motor Vehicles…

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The city will pay the company about a hundred dollars a month for the service, which would pay for itself with just a few collections. Holler says Grass Valley has done this before…

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The Grass Valley City Council is expected to approve the contract with Data Ticket at their meeting tonight (Tuesday).


December 6, 2013


I am SICK. I just got a parking ticket at the City lot in Grass Valley, CA. After a fun morning of Christmas shopping, I was given a ticket WITHIN TEN MINUTES of the 3-hour mark. I have a bank receipt showing the time before I went to that lot. How unfriendly. I bet they chalked my car the minute I walked away. Put a huge damper on my Christmas.

December 6, 2013

Paul Haas

If you receive a parking ticket, take it to the store at which you were shopping. You might also take it by the police station with proof that you were shopping. The issue was discussed at City Council last week.

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