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Gratitude Bowls Feed the Hungry in Need

One major challenge many people in Nevada county experience is hunger. A solution has been born in the town of North San Juan and is beginning to spread to other communities. Gratitude Bowls are meals prepared at local restaurants and made available for free to people in need.

According to an article on the San Juan Ridge Family resource Center website, Gratitude Bowls founder, Stormy May, believes the elimination of the fear of hunger by “providing a bowl of good food when needed” would help achieve her vision of a kinder world.

Owner of the Ridge Cafe, Christina Resse, says The Ridge Cafe was a logical choice to start and the program is reaching those in need.

Click here to listen to Christina Reese

By providing Gratitude Bowls Reese feels they are helping people move forward. The program is only as successful as those that donate to the cause.

Click here to listen to Christina Reese

Reese says there is no minimum donation amount. Ideally, people that need a Gratitude Bowl today may have the ability to donate at another time.

Three other restaurants in Nevada City are now offering Gratitude Bowls at their establishments. Matteo’s Public, South Pine Cafe, and Pete’s Pizza have all joined The Ridge Cafe. For more information about Gratitude Bowls and how you can support the program visit gratitudebowls.org.


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