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Grizzly Hill School Hit for Second Time

Grizzly Hill School has been burglarized for the second time in recent weeks. Sometime during the Christmas holiday the school was broken into and 40 pounds of organic meat was stolen. At that time the video cameras were not working but were repaired immediately following the break-in. Last Thursday night, following a theatrical fundraising event, the school was broken into again and approximately 1000 dollars worth of food items were stolen. According to Superintendent-Principal James Berardi, this time the cameras were working.
Click here to listen to James Berardi

The food is used for the school lunch program. Grizzly Hill parents choose to prepare organic food for the students for several reasons, but primarily because they want quality products for the children.
Click here to listen to James Berardi

Berardi says that the thief did not appear to target one specific item like meat this time- a variety of food was taken. Pictures of the vehicle and suspect have been posted around town and have generated several leads. Anyone with information is urged to contact the school or the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office.

A $1000.00 reward is being offered for any tip that leads to an arrest of the thieves. Call WE-TIP 1-800-78-CRIME (1-800-782-7463)



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