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Groups Protest Elephant Rides

While thousands of fairgoers were entering through the front gates for day one of the fair, over a hundred protesters were outside in the Free Speech Area last night, rallying against this year’s elephant rides. Deniz Bolbol is with a Bay Area group called Humanity Through Education. She says the protest is not to disrupt people from getting into the fairgrounds…

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Fair-Protesters-IIOther groups such as Animal Defenders International, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (or PETA), and many individuals not affiliated with animal rights groups were handing out leaflets and carrying signs. J-P Novic with the local chapter of the Center for Animal Protection and Education (or CAPE), says they just want people to know what goes on away from the fair…

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Fair-Protesters-IThe groups allege that the company which owns the elephants, called ‘Have Trunk Will Travel’, physically abuse the giant pachyderms while training them to do tricks. In addition to rallying in the Free Speech Area, several were inside the fair throughout Opening Day handing out post-card size notices. They also lined McCourtney Road carrying picket signs last night.

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August 14, 2013


I think it was a wonderful experience for the children and those who never got to be up close and personal with an elephant before! I'm an animal lover and I extremely loved the experience! No one up in the Grass Valley area gets that type of experience every day. Also, if they think it's abusive for kids and adults to ride an elephant, then they should take collars and leashes off all pets, take reins and saddles off all horses, and stop using donkeys everywhere as pack mules, who help people carry things that people can't hold or carry anymore. Same thing goes for camels AND elephants in Asia and Africa.

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