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GV Downtown Association Says Thank You to GVPD Volunteers

The Grass Valley Downtown Association is hosting an annual event to thank the many volunteers of the Grass Valley Police Department. Grass Valley Police Captain Rex Marks says the many hours donated by 16 current volunteers allows sworn officers to do more to combat crime.

“We actually ended up with 3,393 hours. So that’s good. That’s like having a full time police officer works on average, about 1,500 hours each year. That’s a little more than two officers type of work, again, not to the same extent, but now allows officers to engage in criminal activities.”

Volunteers will enjoy lunch at Simplicity Bistro on E. Main Street in Grass Valley. Captain Marks says pins are awarded for hours of service and certificates of recognition and other awards for service by volunteers were given. Captain Marks says the department is always looking for volunteers. For more information on how to become a volunteer you can contact the Grass Valley Police Department at 477-4600.

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