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GV Man Robbed During Date

Grass Valley Police have arrested suspects in connection with a robbery  after  money was stollen  from a man who was on a Craigslist date with one of the suspects. Grass Valley Police detective Zac Laferrier says  the 64 year old victim was robbed of his wallet while he made a stop at the Station House located in the 1300 block of East Main Street around 8 o’clock last (Thursday) evening.  Witnesses called police and advised that three suspects had forcibly robbed the man and gave a description of the getaway vehicle.
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The victim later identified all the suspects and the cash was recovered.  Through further investigation, it was discovered that the suspects had originally planned to conduct a home invasion against the victim while he slept; however, decided to rob the victim by force instead. Further investigation revealed that the suspects had published an ad on Craigslist to lure men into a date with Sutton with the intent of robbing victims.
The suspects remain in custody at this time on charges of   Criminal Conspiracy and  1st degree Robbery.

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