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GV Police Officers Offer Concessions to the City

The Grass Valley Police Officers Association is offering concessions to the City Council. Association President Alex Gammelgard says they are looking to partner with the city in these tough economic times. Gammelgard says the rank and file of his association are offering  to open contract negotiations early to assist the city in their finances.

“We, as the Police Officers Association are actively trying to partner with the city of Grass Valley to craft some long term solutions to address the issues of rising long term costs specifically associated with retirement and health benefits which is something that’s facing a lot of cities and counties across the state as well as the country.”

Gammelgard estimates the concessions they are offering will result in almost four hundred thousand dollars in savings for the city over three years. The Officers are willing to pickup more of their health care and retirement costs. If accepted, Gammelgard says depending on the pay classification, Police Department personnel will have given back between five and fifteen percent, over a five year period.

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