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GV Schools Look at Budget Outlook from State Department of Finance

Grass Valley School District Superintendent Eric Fredrickson attended a financial update on the state of the schools in Sacramento this week presented by School Services with figures from the state Department of Finance. Presentors outlined education spending that took a large drop in 2007 and economic cycle of recovery that could take longer than expected.

“Between 2007 and 2010 a huge drop, and then supposedly in 2010 we started moving up again. The line they’re showing to get back to where we were in 2007 is going to be in 2016.”

Governor Jerry Brown is proposing a temporary sales tax increase and higher taxes of the wealthiest in the state to generate revenue for schools during these times of dwindling   revenue, but Fredrickson says there is still a big gap between where funding should be for California Schools.

“Next year, they should be funding $6,742 per student if the tax initiative does not pass, they’re going to fund us $4,921. So you can see that it’s almost a $2,000 per student difference in what we’re guaranteed. That’s what people don’t understand is that Prop 98 guarantees that amount of money per child.”

Fredrickson says spending per child in California schools is presently $2,856 dollars below the national average.

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