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GVPD Adopts System to Find Missing Children

The Grass Valley Police Department in a new partnership with A Child Is Missing (ACIM) – a Fort Lauderdale-based non-profit organization, has created a community-based program for locating missing children, the disabled, elderly and those individuals with Alzheimer’s during the crucial first hours of disappearance. Captain Rex marks with the Grass Valley Police Department says National statistical data finds that a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the United States, and this system is  not only for missing children.

“It opens up a network to disseminate information on children who are believed to be taken under foul play or who are being exploited. But the big picture is that not only does it do the children but the elderly, the disabled, and the Alzheimer’s.”  

Capt. Marks says this new system gets the information out by telephone with a reverse 911 calling system and it’s faster than the present system and will not take local resources to do it. But Captain Marks says your phone, including cell phones, must be registered. 

“They need to register the cell phones so they can get emergency notifications. That is the way to do it. Unfortunately, because we do have the ability as private citizens, to have our numbers blocked on the do not call list, we do have to have people voluntarily register their numbers in order for them to be included in these products or these systems.”

In order to increase community involvement and expand local resources in times of urgent need, residents are encouraged to register their cellular or unlisted numbers on the ACIM website a child is missing dot com. Residents will only receive alert calls pertaining to their area.

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