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GVPD Positive Ticket Program Celebration

In July, Grass Valley Police Department began issuing Positive Tickets to youth they “caught” doing good deeds.
This Friday,  from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, all kids who received a Positive Ticket during the summer are invited to attend a Pizza and Raffles party at Round Table Pizza on Sutton Ave, GV.  Coordinator Ned Russell talks about the program and event.
Click here to listen to Ned Russell
Russell provides statistics on success stories from Richmond, British Columbia, where the Positive Ticket program was created.
Click here to listen to Ned Russell

Recidivism (repeat offenders) dropped from 60% to 8%.

Pizza is at 5:00 on Friday; the raffle is expected to start at 6:00.  Prizes have been donated by merchants and caring community residents and include gift cards and certificates.
Representatives from NEO, GVPD, and GV City Council will be participating in the event.

For more info, call Ned Russell, 263-5720 (cell)

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