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GVPD Tests Recruits

Now that the Grass Valley Police Department has hired the five officers funded through Measure N, the department is preparing to hire additional officers if general funds becomes available. Sgt Steve Johnson along with several other officers conducted a three-part examination process for new recruits which involved a short written test,  physical fitness agility testing, and then an oral response section. Sgt Johnson says 37 applicants began the process with thirteen making the pre-screening cut. Of the thirteen invited, eleven showed for testing Sunday morning. Following the written portion of the test, Johnson took the candidates out to the agility course.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Steve Johnson

It’s the department’s intent to identify quality candidates that they will hire in the future and sponsor through an official police training academy.
After running a mile, the physical test involves seven challenges- six of them are repeated in the out and back course. The first obstacle is a six foot wall.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Steve Johnson

After dragging the 165 pound dummy approximately 20 feet- the candidates then repeated the obstacle in the opposite order.
All eleven candidates completed the obstacle course under the 2:00 minute mark with the quickest coming in just over one minute- which definitely caught the attention of the veteran officers assisting with testing.
The oral boards were completed during the afternoon and successful candidates are now on the hiring list for the department.

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