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Habitat For Humanity Breaks Ground on 3rd Home in Heritage Oaks

Nevada County Habitat for Humanity is celebrating the groundbreaking of their 3rd home in the Heritage Oaks Project on Joyce Drive in Grass Valley.  Habitat for Humanity Development Director Loraine Larson says the Montgomery family has been waiting for about 8 months to see their home get under construction.   Larson says it would have started sooner, except for the weather.

“The selection process for the family does take a bit of time and then they were the third family of the four that we selected. So I’d say they waited a good, since they’ve been selected, eight months or so before we got the groundbreaking going.”

Nevada County Habitat for humanity received $49 thousand in funding to help build the house as part of the Thrivent Builds partnership. In additional three local Lutheran congregations has all united to assist in building the home which costs between $65 and 75 thousand dollars in materials. All labor is donated; the Montgomery family will also be working to build their house.

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