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Hair at the Root of Senior Project

If you have 8 inches of healthy hair to spare  a couple of Nevada Union High School students, doing their Senior Project are hoping you will come see them on Monday for a clipping. The Hair drive is being organized by Students Ella Corbett and Emma Potter.  Emma explains what they’re doing.
Click here to listen to Emma Potter

Emma knows it’s difficult to give up your hair. She first donated in the 5th grade.
Click here to listen to Emma Potter

That’s when she and friend, Ella Corbett came up with the idea to hold the hair drive.
Students at school can donate hair fro 11am to 3 pm on Monday April 7th and adults can come to the school between 1:30 an 3:pm on Monday to donate.
They only ask that you have clean hair with no products on it and straighten your hair if it is curly.  they can not take the hair if it is permanently dyed or if it is gray hair.

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