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Halloween Candy Buy Back by Dr. Rockwell

Doctor Rockwell of Rockwell Family Dental in Grass Valley is holding their first Halloween candy buyback program at the Grass Valley office on Sierra College Drive across from the Grass Valley fire Station. Dr. Rockwell’s staff will accept candy right in the lobby. Office manager Tiana Rockwell says they are paying cash for candy.

“We are offering a dollar per pound of candy up to five pounds. It’s open for anybody so it doesn’t have to be our patients. Just anybody who has candy that they want to get rid of so they don’t eat it. We will buy it back on the first and second. We’ll have a scale out and we’ll be buying candy back.”

All the candy collected will be donated to Operation Gratitude to be put into goody bags along with a toothbrush and toothpaste for our soldiers in war zones. You can find out more at RockwellFamilydental.com.

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