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Harris Officially Becomes Nevada City Mayor

sally-harrisWith very little ceremony and fanfare, Sally Harris took the gavel from Duane Strawser and has officially become the Mayor of Nevada City. The exchange took place at tonight’s City Council meeting. Harris has been mayor before, and says there are a couple of important things about being the city leader…

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Harris succeeds Duane Strawser, who is still a member of the City Council. Strawser says there were several important accomplishments during his one-year term…

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Harris says city finances and keeping the courthouse downtown are on the top of her priority list, along with another project…

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At the council meeting, Strawser handed the gavel to Harris, and the two switched seats. Harris also got her name placard that says ‘mayor’ on it. Also with very little ceremony and drama, Terri Anderson was elected vice-mayor by the council. Jennifer Ray, who had equal tenure with Anderson, and could also have been vice-mayor, was not present at the meeting.

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January 30, 2014


I've been a fan of your fair city for decades. last tuesday, my family and I spent a most enjoyable afternoon shopping at your many wonderful stores in the historic area. we had just decided to shop on the other side of the street when we were accosted by someone who informed us that smoking was not tolerated anywhere in your city..not in parking lots, sidewalks, or any outside place, not even in the middle of the street. at first, we thought she was just a fanatic. we stopped buying, shopping and left your city. if those in your community have such hatred and disgust for smokers, I suppose that is your right. I think the least you need to do is post warnings that smokers are unwelcome in your city. please let us know that our dollars and patronage are better spent in more understanding communities.

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