Paul Haas

Paul Haas


Have I Learned Nothing About Running?

Ok… So I “ran” another 5K-athon at the 13th Annual Daffodil Run last Sunday. It was a beautiful day and a great group of people participated in either the 10 K run, 5 K run or 5 k Walk all to benefit the Penn Valley Community. This was my third attempt since the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. What have I learned?

Apparently it still is not considered training if the only preparation is talking about the event the Wednesday and Thursday before the run. Only mentioning it briefly on Friday is not considered resting.

A pre-race dinner ( I also refer to it as the Last Meal) of Sushi, Sake, and Sapporo, though delicious and entertaining, is not optimal the night before the run.  Oh… and during the run- Unagi becomes a sound-  instead of the name for BBQ eel.

Showing up early and doing pre-race interviews still does not constitute warming up properly.

Wearing sweat pants that don’t fall down with each step is an improvement- but not that much.

And I still feel bad tripping little children and pushing the young moms with  strollers out of the way as I lurched towards the finish line.

However, it did take me less time to finish this 5k-athon than the last time.  It took me just over .02 of an entire day from start to finish.  Whew…only 10 more left in the Gold Country Grand Prix!

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