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Health Department Says Whooping Cough is Still High

The Nevada County Health Department says the cases of whooping cough are still much higher than usual. Nevada County Public Health Officer Doctor Karen Milman says the best defense is to get vaccinated.

“Whooping cough still remains an issue in California. We are still seeing much higher levels than usual circulating and we’re encouraging everyone to get vaccinated.”

She reminds parents that school children must be vaccinated or they will not be allowed to attend school.

“Yes, there’s a new law that went into effect on July 1st of this year that requires all students entering seventh through twelfth grade to provide proof of a pertussis vaccine/whooping cough booster.”

Dr. Milman has some recommendations on where to get the vaccine.

“We encourage people to talk to their primary care providers. Most physicians are carrying the vaccine in addition to which there are a number of pharmacies throughout town that are offering it. The health department does offer it on days that we send out the mobile services van.”

 The number of reported cases topped ten thousand last year. Dr. Millman says the numbers are still higher than are expected.

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