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Health Insurance Rebates Due August 1st

Californians  could be getting  a rebate from their health insurers next week under rules of the new federal health care. 1.8 million people in the golden state are in line to get rebates that average about $65 per family.

Marta Green, a spokesperson for the state Department of Managed Healthcare, says the rebates stem from the 80/20 rule of the new federal halth care law which requires health care companies to spend 80 percent of their premium dollars on health care costs, rather than marketing salaries or other non-medical expenses. Green says the checks will likely go to the company owner.

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Green says the rebate can come as a check, a discount on future premiums or a refund of future premium expenses.

A Senior Analyst for Nevada County, which employees some 700 workers, says they  don’t have any details to share with employees at this time as to the likely scenario for next week or thereafter. They  do know, by experience, that rebates from CalPERS generally come in the form of premium holidays or future premium reductions.

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