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Helicopter Rescue of Four Wandering Teens

Four teens out on an adventure got disoriented after 3:00 PM on Sunday and needed to call 911 from one teen’s cell phone.

Click here to listen to Sergeant Robert Jakobs.

Nevada county Sheriff Sergeant Robert Jakobs explains that using the GPS from the cell phone, deputies were able to find a rough area where the boys were stranded about a mile northwest of the McCourtney Road Transfer Station. However with time running short the Sheriff called the CHP for helicopter assistance with the rescue. When the helicopter located the boys, it was decided that it could not land safely and that daylight was running short so the pilot made a judgement call.
Click here to listen to Sergeant Robert Jakobs

In order to facilitate the hoist rescue, Sergeant Jakobs had to harness up and be lowered down and lifted back up four separate times in order to bring each boy up safely. The boys had not dressed for the elements and were cold, wet, and hungry by the time they were rescued.

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