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Hennessy School Field Trip to Fire Station

Hennessy School first graders visited Grass Valley Fire Station 1 Thursday morning for a  lesson fire prevention and safety . Captain Kevin Menet got down on the floor with the kids to show them, from uniform to full turnouts and mask, what a fire fighter looks like when they come to their house to put out a fire.

“One of the first things that I always start out with is, how do we know who’s a firefighter? The badge and the turnouts; but it’s really important to know that firefighters are our friends.”

Firefighter Armstrong took the students out to the fire engines for a tour inside and out and says its important the kids are not afraid of firefighters when they come to the home to extinguish a fire or for a medical call.

“So the program that we have here is Captain Kevin gets in all his gear I think is important for all the students to be able to go up and get to see him in a normal environment here at the fire station. They can go up and touch him and what that does for us is it means that we don’t have to look under as many beds or in as many closets because the kids aren’t trying to hide from us. They know we’re their friends and we’re there to help them out.”

Captain Menet estimates about 6 thousand school children come through the station for tours, he also goes to classrooms and assemblies. At some events such as the Kids Safe Festival at the Beam Easy Living Center each year they can take their mobile classroom with smoke and fire simulators, to teach children how to leave their house safely and call 911 in case of a fire.


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