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Herger Steps Down and Endorses LaMalfa

Congressman Wally Herger announced today that he will not be seeking another term in the House of Representatives.  The conservative Congressman’s decision will bring to a close a   public service career that began 35 years ago on a local school board, took Herger from the Capitol in Sacramento to the Capitol in Washington, D.C. and spanned the terms of seven U.S. Presidents. In making his announcement  Herger says a most important concern when making the decision to retire from Congress was that the North State continue to be represented by a conservative who fully understands, and appreciates, the district’s agricultural and natural resources-based economy and who has the proven ability to represent such a vast and unique area.  Herger has asked local farmer and State Senator Doug LaMalfa to consider running and LaMalfa has agreed.

“I am really excited about that and very grateful to him and excited about the candidacy here. This was certainly an unexpected thing with Congressman Herger’s service for 26 years, I thought he might be going for a while here, but I’m really looking forward to the challenge.”

LaMalfa has served one year as the representative of Senate District 1, a seat that was about to lose Nevada County in redistricting.

“What’s a bonus for me is that the district lines are being changed in the Senate. I was going to lose Nevada County and now I get to retain Nevada County if I’m elected as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

LaMalfa says he is already gearing up a congressional campaign and has about 60 days before the closing of the filing period. LaMafla says he will be looking for support and endorsements.

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