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HEW Building Sold to Local Developer

Nevada County Supervisors yesterday agreed to sell the vacant county HEW building located on Willow Valley Road to local developer Bill Litchfield for $95 thousand dollars.   Some people have questioned Why sell for so little money for a 12 acre property with a building?  Supervisor Nate Beason says it’s because of the cleanup costs.

“The real issue is that it’s upside down. The property was assessed, the bare land was assessed at two or three hundred thousand, but when you put the building on top of it, it’s two and a half million to haul the building away and eight to nine million to renovate it because it’s full of asbestos and lead paint and who knows what else.”

Litchfield says his plans for the property are to construct housing on the open space of the 12 acre parcel and use the profits to rehab the original structure for Apartments which will be called the courtyards at Deer Creek. After the sale was completed, Litchfield said there are still many steps to reach that goal.

“Well, I think the issues came up today that we need to finalize our plans for the use of the building and then we need to get with the government agencies to try to begin to develop some guidelines of what we can do with the property and how long it’s going to take.”

People are encouraged to weigh in on what they would like to see at the property by visiting the website The Courtyards at Deer Creek dot com. The plan is for the HEW property to eventually be annexed into Nevada City Limits.

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