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High School Senior Releases CD

A Nevada Union High School senior can say he’s done what a lot of people haven’t. He has is own C-D out…
Listen to a portion of Ishaan Judd Song

Seventeen year-old Ishaan (EE-shawn) Judd of Nevada City celebrated the release of his album at Center for the Arts over the weekend…

Listen to Ishaan Judd 1

With his leg in a cast, he began getting serious about playing his guitar, and also started writing songs. Judd’s new album is called ‘Golden Sun’ and features nine tracks. One of them is called ‘Black Water’ (part of that song you just heard)…

Listen to Ishaan Judd 2

Judd wrote most of the tracks on the CD, which also features accompaniment  from some other local artists. The CD is available on I-Tunes and Amazon dot com.

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