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Hit and Run Driver Arrested in Nevada City

Under the new prison realignment rules 28 year old Henry Patrick Lilyquist was released on probation after serving a sentence for vehicle theft and he was returned to Nevada City where he borrowed a family member’s car, and crashed the car into a business in Nevada City.Nevada City Police acting chief Loren gage says they found the car at the Madelyn Helling Library.

“Tuesday we got a call from Utopian Stone saying that a vehicle had just hit the side of their building. We got good descriptions. We got a witness who saw the vehicle and provided us the information with the license number and such. We located the vehicle at the Madelyn Helling Library where the owner had actually loaned it to a family member, later to find out that the family member was Mr. Lilyquist who was on probation and wearing an ankle monitor.”

Lilyquist contacted his probation officer and turned himself in. He was booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.

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