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Hitchhikers Catch Wild Ride

Two people accepted a ride in a stolen car from the car thief. The two people identified only as Shawna and Mike says they accepted a ride from 30 year old Nathan Gilbert early this Wednesday morning. When Gilbert’s driving on Auburn Road became reckless,  they begged him to let them out of the stolen pickup they were in.
Click here to listen to Shawna and Mike

Both Shawna and Mike were detained by Sheriff’s deputies a short distance from where Gilbert had lost control of his stolen pickup. The two witnesses were able to convince deputies they did not know the pickup was stolen. The suspect fled toward Alta Sierra and Highway 49. The suspect was able to elude law enforcement. Any one with information on the location of Nathan Gilbert is asked to call law enforcement. The pickup had been stolen from another home earlier in the morning

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October 31, 2013


Since when does a hitchhiker know the driver's first and last name. Right?

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