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Hithchiker Picked Up By Sheriff's Deputies Arrested for Theft

A man wanted for theft may think twice before he attempts to hitchhike from a Deputy Sheriff. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says a resident of Alta Sierra reported a person taking items from their car early Sunday morning. The Sheriff says the victim was able to give a good description of the suspect. As the Deputy approached 44 year old Timothy Silva on Lower Circle, the man put his thumb out as if to get a ride. The Sheriff says when the Deputy tried to take Silva into custody, a fight started when the Deputy tried to put on handcuffs.

“A struggle ensued and the individual kept trying to pull away from the officer. He was kicking at the officer. He had to be forcefully taken to the ground to be able to gain control of him and to put handcuffs on. Ultimately, he was secured. He was put in the backseat of the patrol car and then he started the kick on the door and the window.”

Silva was booked at the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility on suspicion of theft, resisting arrest, and being under the influence. He was also found at the jail to be trying to smuggle in a hypodermic needle.

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