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Hockett Wins CARCD Student Speak-Off Contest


Placer High School Senior Holly Hockett won the Student Speak-Off Contest on Friday at the Annual Conference of the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) in Napa, California.  Hockett is very involved in her school’s agriculture and FFA programs, and plans to pursue Agriculture Communications in college.


Each year high school students who are interested in agriculture and resource conservation have the opportunity to prepare a three to five minute speech for the CARCD Student Speak-Off Contest.  Students begin at the local RCD level, advancing from there to the regional and then state contest.


The CARCD Conservation Education Committee coordinates the event, each year identifying a different topic related to the conservation of agriculture and natural resources.  This year’s topic was:  “How will the development of alternative energy impact natural resources?”


Hockett did an excellent job describing some of the natural resources benefits and concerns related to using both forest biomass and hydroelectricity to generate alternative energy.  She focused on these energy sources because of their prominence in Placer County.


Besides learning about critical issues surrounding agriculture and natural resources, the students also develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills.  They also gain a better understanding of how Resource Conservation Districts work in their local communities to conserve agriculture and natural resources.


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