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Home Broken into Drugs Stolen in Nevada City

Someone broke into a home in downtown Nevada City yesterday. Matthew Margulies the owner of Matteo’s Public in Nevada City says his neighbor alerted him to what Nevada City Police have described as a number of thefts from homes where the front door was left unlocked. The neighbor, who is unnamed, wrote “our house broken into. The whole place is a total mess. it doesn’t look like they got any more than some Vicodin. But listen up, downtown residents, the cops that came over said that this has been happening more and more often. Lock your doors (we never do).

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Margulies and his neighbor admit they are not in the habit of locking their doors as they feel it is a safe place, and for many they have never locked their doors. These sorts of crimes are happening every where. Sgt Jason Perry with the Grass Valley Police Department encourages residents to lock more than just your front door.

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Residents are also encouraged to not leave valuable in plain sight such as a wallet, keys or music player in a car, even in your own drive way. The simple action of locking your front door or vehicle parked in your drive-way could prevent an intruder from entering your home or your vehicle.

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