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Home Invasion Defendant Accepts Plea Agreement

Another defendant in a brutal Home Invasion robbery that took place in Grass Valley last December has reached a sentencing agreement with the District Attorney’s office. Assistant D.A. Anna Ferguson says 19 year old Billy Mecredy has pleaded “no contest” to robbery in exchange for a 5 year prison term.
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Last month co-conspirator 18 year old Devan Thomas pleaded out to Conspiracy to Commit Residential Burglary, and faces one year in county jail. Sentencing is set for July 7th. Thomas’ participation in the crime was calling his co-conspirators and confirming the victim was home on December 6th, the day of the home invasion and robbery. Thomas did not go into the victims house and did not participate in injuring the victim directly.

Ferguson says Mecredy took a more active roll which resulted in the 5 year sentence.
Click here to listen to Anna Ferguson

Three defendants remain in the case, Tyler Leal, Elliott Roberts and Austin Michael Wallace, all 17 years of age. The District Attorney is trying them as adults and is awaiting a July 10th hearing on a motion to consolidate the cases in one trial.


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