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Home Invasion Suspect Pleads Out

One of the co-conspirators in a Grass Valley Home Invasion Robbery , 18 year old  Devan Thomas, pleaded out   to Conspiracy to Commit Residential Burglary yesterday (Thursday)   which Assistant District Attorney Anna Ferguson explains  is a strike and will expose him to potential prison.

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Ferguson says Thomas’ participation in the crime was calling his co-conspirators and confirming the victim was home on December 6th, the day of the home invasion and robbery.  Thomas did not go into the  victims house and did not participate in injuring the victim directly.

click here to listen to Anna Ferguson

There are still 4 co-defendants left,  Tyler Leal, and Michael Wallace., who are 17,  and Elliott Roberts and Billy Mecredy who are 18. Ferguson says the case is moving forward slowly.

click here to listen to Anna Ferguson

All four co-defendants remain in custody.  Ferguson says the victim who is in his mid 70’s had a recent surgery but still can’t see in the eye that was hit with a blunt object during the home invasion robbery.

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May 26, 2014


All 5 are conspirators in this crime and that is how they made it work. No one should ever walk and the prosecutor should have every one of these hoods face a jury.

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