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Homeless Camps Pose Health Risks

Hospitality House Nevada County’s Homeless shelter program reaches out to people staying in the homeless Camps around the county including the one located off Idaho Maryland Road just outside the Grass Valley City limits where homeless people have congregated for decades.   Board President Joanna Robinson says they are aware of the deplorable conditions in the camp.

Hospitality House organizes a count each year to try to get a handle on how many homeless people are living in the county.   Robinson says the last count was done in January.

“We counted about 500 people. The whole county was involved in that count. We all pretty much considered it an inaccurate count because there are many more than 500 people and we all know it.”

Robinson says Hospitality House accepts the homeless who meet their requirements including no pets and no drug use, but they also send social workers into the homeless camps around the county to provided assistance to those people as well.

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