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Homeless Town Hall Meeting

The issue of homelessness in our community will be the topic of a town hall meeting on November 14th from 6:30 to 8:30 inside the Nevada City council chambers. Terri Hicklin with NCTV, co sponsoring the event says this is an open forum for the community to share all opinions.

“A safe place for people to come and share ideas, share concerns, share solutions and maybe somebody will think or learn something that they’ve never heard before. They may have that stereotypical idea of homeless and I think they still have the idea of the guy with the backpack trudging through town. But that’s not the only homeless that we have out there now.”

The Monday meeting will feature a panel of local representatives who have experience with the many faces of homelessness who will share their insights including Nevada City, City councilmen Robert Bergman. Council chambers are located at 317 Broad Street in Nevada City.


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