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Homeowner Holds Would be Thieves Until Law Enforcement Arrives

Two suspects are under arrest after they were caught trying to steal marijuana plants. Nevada County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Shannon Moon says the victim found two men on his property with garden shears in their hands. Lieutenant Moon said several of the neighbors surrounded the suspects until Deputies arrived.

“He had located a couple of subjects trespassing on his property and they were carrying garden shears. He was concerned that they were attempting to steal his medicinal marijuana. The homeowner as well as some of his neighbors kept the subjects on his property. They were compliant with the homeowner.”

40 year old Bruce Hart and 49 year old Robert Tansill both of Reno were taken into custody for suspicion of attempted grand theft, conspiracy and being under the influence of dangerous drugs. The victim put the value of the twelve marijuana plants at twelve thousand dollars. The suspects apparently could not find their way out of the Sauer Lane area, near Nevada City.

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