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Homes Needed for Feral and Domestic Cats

The Nevada County Animal Shelter   receives feral cats from people who trap them off their property. In a majority of the cases the shelter will spay and neuter the cats and then return them to the property owners who are usually willing to take them back once they are spayed and neutered, but Shelter Director, Cheryl Wicks says sometimes the property owners don’t want them back and the shelter gets backed up with feral cats which is the case they are facing now.  Wicks says they are looking for property owners who could use the feral cats.

“If you have rodents in your barn and you need something to keep that population down, please call us. I’m Cheryl and my number is 471-5041 and you would need a place to keep them contained for a couple of weeks until they get the idea that this is where they live. Basically, the people who get them are happy with them. They cause no trouble and keep the population down.”

Wicks says all the feral cats ready for placement have been spayed or neutered.  She says there are also 24 domestic cats at the animal shelter waiting for good homes.

“We’ve got one named Smokey who’s beautiful, lovely, wonderful. One cat I have to talk about is Boris. Boris is an older gentleman, but he’s very regal, very special. Please come and get Boris. Everybody’s in love with him.”

Wicks says the goal at the shelter is to have no animal be at the shelter more than 2 months and right now 13 cats have been there longer than 2 months and11 that have been there longer than 3 months.

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