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Honey Oil Lab Explosion Damages House

Another homemade system used to extract concentrated cannabis from marijuana exploded in the Truckee area. However, this explosion was much more significant than many that occur. Sgt Robert Womack of the Truckee Police Department says that the butane used in the extraction process built up to a level that was ignited by the pilot light on the water heater. Fortunately the fire self-extinguished itself following the explosion.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Robert Womack

Womack says there was a large amount of marijuana related material as well as numerous butane containers found in the residence.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Robert Womack

The suspect responsible for the explosion, James Hall, 54 of Truckee, received burns to his face and hands. Hall lived at the residence with his girlfriend and child. The child was present when the explosion occurred, but was not injured. The building is unsafe to enter and has been red-tagged by the Truckee Building Department.
Hall was arrested for possession of concentrated cannabis, manufacturing a controlled substance, and child endangerment and was booked into the Nevada County Jail after being medically cleared. Charges may be pending on the girlfriend.

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