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Honoring Our Vets on Veteran's Day

Governor Jerry Brown went to You Tube to post a message to all those who have served in our nation’s military. He says these men and women have demonstrated the courage, the virtue, the honor the camaraderie and the loyalty that exemplify the very best in what it means to be an American.

“Today, we honor their work, their sacrifice and yes, we honor what they are tyoday. And we don’t forget that veterans after war still need things and this society should not forget them. So on this Veteran’s Day, let’s remember the sacrifice, but let us also rededicate ourselves to making sure that our veterans have the education, the health and the jobs that they, like other Americans so richly deserve.”

A special breakfast and ceremony to honor our veterans is underway right now at the Grass Valley Veterans Building located on South Auburn Street. Breakfast is being served free to all veterans and for a fee to non veterans to 9:30am. At that time Ron Montgomery the Judge Advocate of the American Legion Frank Gallino Post 130 says the ceremony moves upstairs to the hall with guest speakers including Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ed Scofield.  The Grass Valley Male Voice Choir will sing and new this year, guest speakers from non combative units who support our troops overseas.

“In the past, we’ve always had veterans that have been in active duty in wartime and have been in combat and this year, the chairman decided to bring in the non-combatant veterans that provided the support for our troops. So we’re happy about the program and we think it’s going to be great.”

In addition the leg ion honor guard will provide the posting of colors, then the three volley salute at the conclusion of the ceremony.

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