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Hospitality House Benefits Following Fire

From the ashes of Saturday night’s fire at the Humpty Dumpty Restaurant in Grass Valley comes some good news for the local Homeless Shelter Hospitality House. Joanne Robinson Executive director says following the fire, Randy Hodges one of the owners of the restaurant made a large donation to the homeless shelter.

“We got a call at Hospitality House in the late afternoon yesterday from Mr. Hodges who owns Humpty Dumpty. He said that he had a lot of food to bring over to us. He and his brother brought it straight over and there was a little caravan of our guests and the Hodges brothers bringing a lot of food to the house.”

Robinson says this is not the first the Hodges have donated to the homeless. Humpty Dumpty also provided Christmas dinner to the guests of Hospitality House and they have been regular supporters of homeless efforts in the community. Robinson say the Hodges brothers did speak of rebuilding the local restaurant that began in 1970, moving to its current location on East Main in 1976. Fire officials say no cause of the fire has been determined, no injuries were reported and the fire is still under investigation.

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